Apache sprayers


Tough Sprayers, Thoughtfully Engineered..

In 1997 when Equipment Technologies was founded, the commitment was to produce a tough simple and reliable sprayer.

Hundreds of conversations with growers led to the solution. It had to be mechanical drive, simple to run. Simple to maintain efficient and effective. Some 8500 sprayers later, the Apache is the most sought after mechanical drive sprayer on the market.

The Apache is a mechanical drive sprayer. This isn’t just a way to move the sprayer but a concept that flows through to enhance all areas of the Apache’s performance and efficiency. More power to the ground, reduced cabin noise, lighter overall weight, better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and better boom ride are all benefits that are improved by mechanical drive. 

Power for the Apache is provided from the reliable 6.7 litre Cummins engine, coupled to a lock up torque converter, and ZF 6 speed power shift transmission. The Apache has the best power to ground ratio per kilo than any competitor in its class.

The Apache Range has boom sizes from 24 to 40 metres and tank sizes from 2460 litres to 4540 litres. Choices in tyre sizes, plumbing, GPS and controllers allow you to customise your sprayer.




When it comes to big iron equipment, some think the heavier the better. At Apache, we strongly disagree.
Apache Sprayers are lightweight and agile by design, weighing just 9 tonne on average. Making them about 4 to 7 tonnes less than comparable models, reducing the compaction on your soil and reducing fuel costs.



You can’t go wrong with an Apache – we’re the most affordable sprayer in the industry with the highest retained value at trade in, just ask Equipment Watch. 
Plus, all Apache’s are engineered to save you money.
Our simple mechanical drive transmission reduces overall service and operating costs compared to competitive hydrostatic sprayers. 



Ask our customers why they run with Apache, and most times you’ll get a one-word answer – simplicity.
Simple to run. Simple to adjust. Simple to maintain. 
All Sprayers are designed with common components across multiple models. That means Apache owners son’t pay for us to manufacture, warehouse and ship lots of different parts for various sprayer models.



Apache Sprayers are built from the ground up for performance and longevity. Our sprayers feature a simple mechanical drive transmission with fewer parts than hydro static machines – Making an Apache far easier to maintain. 
Plus, Apache Sprayers are backed by the industry’s best five-year warranty. 


Apache Sprayers AS Series is

the only four-time recipient

of the Highest Retained

Value award by Equipment


The Apache gives you the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Years of data show that the Apache constantly has lower service and operating costs, lower cost for replacement parts, greater fuel savings and higher resale values, plus a lower purchase price than its competitors. Calculations show the Apache is $100 -$200 LESS per hour to own than most comparable sized sprayers.
Going to work has never been so comfortable, or quiet, as it is in an Apache. The flex frame chassis, patented suspension and ergonomic seat soak up the bumps, providing a smooth ride. A custom cab has excellent visibility of the boom, front tyres and forward position.

The touch screen display informs the operator of the engine vitals, and is the control centre for power mirrors, throttle settings, diagnostics and more.

The joystick allows the operator to easily change gears, RPM, adjust boom height and control wing tilt. The rear-view camera, cruise control, quality Bluetooth radio all add to operator comfort.

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