Micromatic Dispense Coupler 3 Pin


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This reusable stainless steel Micro Matic Coupler provides safety and security for closed system filling and dispensing. The Drum valve is an Agchemical standard for liquid transfer.  This tool is effective due to the replaceable seals and grade 304 stainless steel body and components. The enviro drum fitting has been in the Australian market for 15 years displaying a high standard of performance. The Micro Maric Coupler includes the following features:

  • Flow Control Double check valve type 3-Pin for Herbicides
  • The coupler provides additional safety through the use of non-return valves to prevent unauthorized filling <2ml.
  • Cleaning temperature: Max 85C (185F) / 2 minutes
  • Steaming temperature: Max 130C (266F) / 2 minutesCode: 744-003

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Weight .656 kg
Dimensions 150 × 120 × 100 mm


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